Be Kind. Be Cool. Believe.

Welcome to New Mexico Blaze Volleyball!  We are a small and savvy club in the Sun Country Region and located in Albuquerque.  Our student-athletes and families appreciate the friendly atmosphere while engaging in regional and national competition within the USA Volleyball Club system.

Our goal is to promote  leadership, academic success, positive team dynamics, strong work ethic, competitive spirit,  ownership, balance and the experience of pure joy through the sport of volleyball.  We focus on maintaining a balanced schedule for student-athletes with (mostly) one tournament per month.  Our practices are scheduled for two to three sessions per week.  We begin our season mid-November and typically end the season in mid-April.  It is in maintaining this simplicity that we hope to foster balance, wellness, and long-lasting enjoyment within the sport.

“We want our student-athletes to gain momentum from a place of INSPIRATION rather than MOTIVATION.  Motivation takes will power and can feel forced, whereas inspiration comes from feeling a sense of creativity, excitement, empowerment and ultimately feels effortless.” – Maria Stutsman y Marquez, Club Director

The club has a strong history of success through the nurturing of leaders (Coaches, Directors, and Parents) who devoted many, many, many hours to student-athletes who have participated in this club.  As we move into the 2015-2016 club season, our hope is to continue the wonderful legacy already forged.


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